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we make a bid difference in little lives each day.

Where kids can be kids

We make a big difference in little lives daily, as we deliver quality care and education, and countless opportunities for children to thrive and grow.
From our modern, purpose-built centres in Booval, Goodna, Logan Central, and Redbank, our qualified educators inspire inquisitive minds to experiment and learn, to solve problems and think creatively – and perhaps most importantly, to have fun while they’re doing it!
Where kids can be kids

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Purpose Built Centres

All Kaleidoscope Kids centres are modern, purpose-built childcare facilities, custom designed with the needs of little ones in mind.

Discover brightly coloured and inspiring places, as well as welcoming and quiet reading corners and spaces dedicated to sleeping.

Indoors, our centres are overflowing with educational toys, while outdoors the equipment is designed to ignite imaginations and encourage active play. Outdoors we provide shady verandas and playgrounds so that children can enjoy outdoors all year round and still remain safe from the elements.

Our environments are set up with care. Furniture is selected for each age group so that your child can make choices about their resources and their learning.
Purpose Built Centres

Our Learning Programs

Kaleidoscope Kids Our Programs

Baby Day Care

0 to 12 months

We offer a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment for your baby to grown and learn.

Early Learning Years

1 to 3 years

Our programs are developed using the Early Years Learning Framework, and nurture learning success.


3 to 5 years

We support children to thrive in the year before starting Prep and get them school ready.

Long Term Educators

Our team is here for your children – every day, in every way. We love to listen to their stories and join in with their play. We encourage new friendships, new foods and new experiences. We celebrate every achievement, large and small.
We’re your children’s friends, carers, and mentors. We’re also their trained and qualified educators.
As experts in the Early Years Learning Framework and Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline, we know how to lead programs that develop new skills but are fun for all.

Our learning experiences are customised to suit the individual needs of each child in our care and give each one the freedom to develop at their own pace.
We love our jobs at Kaleidoscope Kids. That’s why most of us have been here long term. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
Kaleidoscope Kids Long Term Educators

Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Our meals are prepared with care to tempt little taste buds, encourage experimentation and bring joy.
We aim to meet each child’s daily nutrition requirements. Our menus are designed using fresh local produce and are prepared by qualified kitchen staff. They are rich in vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish, chicken, milks and cheeses.

We encourage children to drink water throughout the day and make milk available at morning tea.

Variety is high on our list, not just when it comes to taste, but with textures too. We serve foods appropriate to children’s different developmental stages and their ages. We can also meet special dietary requirements.
Nutritionally Balanced Meals

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